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Sail the scenic waters of Hartbeespoort Dam. Join our community for thrilling races, camaraderie, and unforgettable aquatic adventures. All aboard!

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Boat Storage

Explore the exceptional boat storage solutions provided by TYC Yacht Club, at Hartbeespoort Dam. Our club offers a range of facilities tailored to meet the…
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Unlock exclusive benefits with a TYC Yacht Club membership. Access sailing and motorboating events, lessons, camaraderie, and more. Join us at Hartbeespoort Dam today!
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About us

About Club

Welcome to TYC Yacht Club: Your Premier Waterfront Retreat

Discover a haven of maritime excellence at TYC Yacht Club, nestled in the captivating Magaliesburg mountains on the northern shores of Hartbeespoort Dam, located in Schoemansville. Our club offers an unrivaled escape, seamlessly blending natural beauty with a rich history.

Explore Our Scenic Location:

Enveloped by the scenic splendor of the Magaliesburg mountains and the shimmering waters of Hartbeespoort Dam. TYC Yacht Club provides an idyllic setting for sailors, water sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. Our location ensures breathtaking vistas and serene surroundings for your ultimate relaxation.

Year-Round Retreat:

Whether seeking a tranquil weekend getaway or a prolonged rejuvenating break, TYC Yacht Club is your year-round sanctuary. Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in affordable luxury, where relaxation and tranquility meet.

Unmatched Water Experiences:

At TYC Yacht Club, our passionate community indulges in a diverse range of water activities. From thrilling sailing adventures and competitive racing to fostering junior sailing talent, experiencing the rush of motor boating, and serene canoeing, our waters cater to every aquatic passion.

Elegance and Exclusivity:

Step into an exclusive world of timeless charm and tranquility within our club’s premises. As a TYC Yacht Club member, you become part of a community that cherishes tradition, camaraderie, and the enduring allure of the water.

Elevate Your Events:

Experience elegance beyond compare at our clubhouse, where sophistication meets functionality. Our dedicated function hire section ensures seamless events against the backdrop of our club’s elegance. Whether it’s a celebratory occasion or a corporate gathering, TYC Yacht Club offers an impeccable venue.

Thank you for considering TYC Yacht Club as your maritime sanctuary. Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary, where water, luxury, and community converge. Join us on the shores of Hartbeespoort Dam and redefine your relationship with leisure.



Explore our gallery to glimpse the beauty of the TYC Yacht Club’s at Hartbeespoort Dam. Sailing, motorboat adventures, and vibrant community. Join us in these unforgettable moments!


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